Faith Christian School Stories

Christie Thacker

Christie Thacker has been the K4 teacher here at Faith since August of 2008. She and her husband Chris also have two sons who graduated from Faith Christian.

We asked Christie – You’ve been a part of the Faith family for a long time. What are some things you could share to encourage other parents who have children at Faith or are considering Faith Christian for their family?

“As a parent of two Faith graduates I am so thankful for all the ways this school helped my husband and I prepare them for adulthood. The first thing that comes to my mind is the spiritual training and influence. My sons both have the ability to defend their faith and are able to see life from a Biblical worldview. Although God used many things to accomplish this, Faith was a huge part of their spiritual development. The second thing I am most thankful for is their academic preparedness for college. My oldest son graduated from JSU and is now teaching and coaching at a local high school. My youngest son is an engineering student at Auburn. Both of them received full tuition scholarships and have told me that they felt they were more prepared than many of their college peers. I am so thankful that God saw fit to call our family to FCS!!”

Christ-Centered Education

Faith Christian School has been impacting students in a variety of ways for over forty years.

Community, Fellowship, and Education

Faith Christian School seeks to prepare students for God’s call on their life in college and beyond.

Rigorous Coursework

FCS is made up of a Lower School that consists of grades K3-6th Grade and an Upper School that consists of grades 7-12.