Mr. Chip Jones

Prospective Students and Parents, 

Thank you for visiting our website and checking out Faith Christian School. We believe that God is at work here and are excited to be a part of what He is doing. Our mission is to provide an exceptional college-preparatory educational program from a biblical perspective for each student, and our faculty, staff, and administration are committed to doing that with Christ-honoring excellence.

Our educational program is exceptional, which is defined as “superior or unusually good.” Faith’s superior program starts with our faculty, who do a great job of teaching in such a way that not only the minds of our students are impacted, but also their hearts and lives. Students are challenged toward excellence in all areas of their lives – academically, spiritually, physically, and socially.

As a college preparatory program, our students are prepared for future success at the next level of their educational journey. From ACT scores to scholarship amounts to dual-enrollment opportunities, students at Faith have an advanced level of success that enables them to pursue their dreams, interests, and callings.

What makes Faith Christian School unique and a one-of-a-kind school in this area is that our school program, while both exceptional and college preparatory, is also taught from a biblical perspective. This Christian worldview in our program helps students to develop a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, learn to see the world from God’s perspective, and to use their talents and abilities to serve and honor the Lord in their lives. Daily Bible classes and regular chapel services help students to learn God’s Word and how to apply the principles found there in their lives.

In addition to an outstanding academic and spiritual education, Faith students also can take advantage of numerous athletic, fine art, and leadership opportunities.  In elementary school, our booster club sponsors youth soccer in the fall, youth basketball during winter, and youth baseball in the spring.  As a member of the AL High School Athletic Association, school sports opportunities begin in the 7th grade with volleyball and cross country in the fall, basketball, indoor track, and cheerleading in winter, and baseball/softball, soccer, and outdoor track in the spring.

Specials offered in elementary include music, art, technology, library, recess, and physical education.  Upper school students can take advantage of programs in music, art, yearbook, speech, and technology, as well as academic organizations such as Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta, and Writers’ Bowl.  Leadership and spiritual formation can take place through opportunities with the Student Government, Faith Fellowship, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  As a small school, Faith students actually have the opportunity to participate in many different activities and opportunities and in fact we count on them doing so.

So, as hopefully you can tell, Faith Christian School is a one-of-a-kind school in our area.  In addition to all that the school offers, we have a wonderfully gifted and caring faculty and staff, who view their work here as a calling and a ministry.  We want to impact our students with the good news of Jesus Christ and how to know and serve Him in this world.  Please come join us in this special place and become part of the Faith Family.  Let us know how we can help you in making this important decision.  Thank you.

Chip Jones
Head of School